Sunday, March 29, 2015

April movies

 All Films start at 2pm; Doors open at 1:30

Monday Afternoon at the Movies

April 6, 2015:  Birdman, Rated R, 119 minutes:  A washed up actor, who once played an iconic superhero, battles his ego and attempts to recover his family, his career, and himself in the days leading up to the opening of his Broadway play.  Michael Keaton, Emma Stone, and Edward Norton star.  Rated R for language throughout, some sexual content, and brief violence.

April 13, 2015:  Unbroken, Rated PG-13, 137 minutes:  After a near-fatal plane crash in WWII, Olympian Louis Zamperini spends a harrowing 47 days in a raft with two fellow crewmen before he's caught by the Japanese navy and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp.  Jack O'Coonnell and Domhall Gleeson star.


April 27, 2015:  Mockinjay Part 1, Rated PG-13, 123 minutes:  Katniss Everdeen is in District 13 after she shatters the games forever.  Jennifer Lawrence stars.

Money Smart Week Movie Presentation

 Thursday, April 23, 2014, Chasing Madoff, Unrated, 91 minutes:  A look at how one investigator spent ten years trying to expose Bernie Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme that scammed an estimated $18 billion from investors.

Sunday Cinema

April 26, 2015:  Life Itself, Rated R, 120 minutes:  The life and career of the renowned film critic and social commentator Roger Ebert.  Rated R for brief sexual images/nudity and language.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

April Friends and library programs

Blood Pressure Screening
Monday, April 6 & 20, 9:30-10:30
JoAnn Maurice of Volusia/Flagler YMCA offers an information blood pressure check.

Making a Living Will with Five Wishes
Tuesday, April 7, 2pm
The Rev. Dr. L. Ronald Durham of Halifax Health Hospice presents a program that helps you to organize your end of life wishes.   A free step-by-step guidebook to making a Living Will is provided to each participant.

Friends of the Library April Showers Book Sale
April 10th 9am to 4pm; April 11th 9am to 1pm
Purchase great things at great prices to benefit the library:  books, puzzles, dvds, and much more!

Master Gardener Plant Clinic
Tuesday, April 14, 2pm

1790-1840 Censuses
Thursday, April 16, 2pm
1790-1840 Censuses of Chickens, Duck, and Geese!  If you’ve ever felt frustrated when you attempt to deal with the pre-1850 censuses, please join genealogist Pamela Cooper as she delves deeply into these records, unlocking some of their mysteries.

********************************* Money Smart Week****************************
Houston Gunn--CANCELLED
Monday, April 20, 2pm
Houston Gunn, a 17-year-old entrepreneur, author, real estate investor, and musician, is on a mission to inspire others to take steps now to build successful futures.  Come learn his inspiring story.

Social Security and your Retirement
Tuesday, April 21, 2pm
Personal Banker Cody Mills touches on important basics such as when to start taking social security and how to optimize its use when making retirement decisions.

Social Security Online Services Workshop                                                                                   Wednesday, April 22, 2pm                                                                                                                 Come to this workshop to learn how to set up your personal My Social Security account.  My Social Security is a free online account that allows people quick, secure access to their personal social security information.

Special Movie Presentation:  Chasing Madoff    
Thursday, April 23, 2pm
 A look at how one investigator spent ten years trying to expose Bernie Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme that scammed an estimated $18 billion from investors.  91 minutes

Problem Gambling A to Z
Friday, April 24, 10am
The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling presents this valuable and timely presentation that will educate attendees about what problem gambling really is, highlight the warning signs, and explore its impact on individuals, families, and communities.  Treatment options will also be presented.
Presidents and their Ladies:   Andrew and Rachel Jackson and Ulysses and Julia Grant
Friday, April 24, 2pm
Andrew and Rachel Jackson:  Rachel never serves as “First Lady” but was a First Lady Elect because she died between the election of her husband and his inauguration.  The hard-nosed general had a tender heart when it came to his Rachel.
Ulysses and Julia Grant:  A great love story of a wife’s belief in the greatness of her husband even when failure seemed to be the only thing he could do right.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Friends and library programs

Blood Pressure Check
Monday, March 2 & 16, 9:30-10:30am
JoAnn Maurice of the Volusia/Flagler YMCA offers an informational blood pressure check.

Health Fair
Tuesday, March 3, 2-4pm
A variety of health organizations provide information about medical topics.

Master Gardener Plant Clinic
Tuesday, March 10, 2pm
Bring your sick plants for care taking tips!  Master Gardeners from the UF/IFAS Volusia County Extension will troubleshoot your roots and suggest a course of treatment for your ailing plants.

The Three Mrs. Flaglers
Friday, March 13, 2pm
Dianne Jacoby presents, in three acts, the story of Henry Flagler's tremendous accomplishments during the glorious Gilded Age as seen through the eyes of his three captivating wives.

The Port Orange Regional Library Book Club
Wednesday, March 18, 10:30am
This month's book to read and discuss is The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty

The Civil War with Ron Alcorn and Friends
Friday, March 20, 2pm
During this program you will see some of the weapons a soldier used, including a homemade cannon, what the soldiers needed to carry with them at all times, and what they ate while at war.  Ron will also talk about the many reenactments of the Civil War around Florida each year.

Self-Publishing with Dave Archard
Saturday, March 21, 2pm
Join author Dave Archard as he covers publishing specifics such as:  Self Publish or Find a Traditional: Which is best for you; Copyright, Advance, and Royalty; Venturing into eBook and Audiobook Contracts; and Do I need an Editor or Literary Agent?

Affordable Health Cooking
Monday, March 23, 10am
If you think that health cooking is too expensive, then this is the program for you!  Jo Ann Maurice, a healthy living coordinator with the YMCA, shows us how affordable nutritious meals can be.

March movies

Afternoon at the Movies (All Films Start at 2 p.m.)

3/02/2015: Boyhood, Rated R, 163 minutes: The life of a young man, Mason, from age 5 to age 18.  Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette, and Ethan Hawk star.  The movie was filmed over 12 years with the same cast.  Rated R for language including sexual references, and for teen drug and alcohol use. 
3/09/2015: The Best of Me, Rated PG-13, 118 minutes: A pair of former high school sweethearts reunite after many years when they return to visit their small hometown.  James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan star.  Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks.
3/16/2015: Get On Up, Rated PG-13, 139 minutes: A chronicle of James Brown’s rise  from extreme poverty to become one of the most influential musicians in history. Chadwick Boseman stars.
03/23/2015: The Theory of Everything, Rated PG-13, 123 minutes: The relationship between the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife.  Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones star.
03/30/2015: Whiplash, Rated R, 107 minutes: A promising young drummer enrolls at a cut-throat music conservatory where his dreams of greatness are mentored by an instructor who will stop at nothing to realize a student's potential. Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons star.  Rated R for strong language including some sexual references.
Sunday Cinema (All Films Start at 2 p.m.)
3/01/2015: Cantinflas, Rated PG, 96 minutes: ├ôscar Jaenada stars as Cantinflas in this biographical drama tracing the beloved Mexican comedy icon's ascent from the regional stage to Hollywood as one of the key players in the star-studded Hollywood classic Around the World in 80 Days.  In Spanish with English subtitles.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

February Friends & library programs

Blood Pressure Check
Monday, February 2 & 16
9:30am to 10:30am
JoAnn Maurice of Volusia/Flagler YMCA offers an informational blood pressure check.

All About Bromeliads
Tuesday, February 3, 2pm
Jay Thurrott of the Florida East Coast Bromeliad Society discusses the basics of caring for bromeliads.  Come and learn the tips and tricks to these beautiful plants.

Master Gardener Plant Clinic
Tuesday, February 10, 2pm - 4pm
Bring in your sick plants for care-taking tips!  Master Gardeners from the UF/IFAS Volusia County Extension will troubleshoot your roots and suggest a course of treatment for your ailing plants.

Penny Musco presents Steal Away
Friday, February 13, 2pm
A dramatic one-woman show about a little-known migration of African-Americans.  Set in the 1880s, it is told from the perspective of Priscilla, a white woman who leaves the East to homestead in the Plains with her husband and children.  She crosses paths with Abigail and her family, former slaves who fled the South after Reconstruction ended.

Classical Guitarist Peter Fletcher
Sunday, February 15, 2pm
Peter will perform selections from his all Grieg CD, released by Centaur Records in 2014.  The piano works on this CD were transcribed for the guitar by Peter himself.  The program also features an original arrangement of the traditional Shaker hymn Simple Gifts.

Sodium in your Diet
Monday, February 23, 2pm
JoAnn Maurice, a healthy living coordinator with Volusia/Flagler YMCA, provides information on the level of sodium in different types of foods and on the impact of sodium on our health.

Safe Home Remedies for your Garden
Tuesday, February 24, 2pm
Kevin Bagwell of Full Moon Natives Nursery presents information about safe garden pest control and fertilization.  It's easy, economical and best of all no harmful chemicals.  Most of us already have the ingredients on-hand, such as bountiful Florida citrus.  Come discover Kevin's Natural Solutions secrets!

The Storytelling Sims present "Swamp Cabbage Chronicles"
Friday, February 27, 2pm
The Sims are bringing a basket full of tales brimming with nostalgia, laughs, information, and even truth.  This duo will dig deep into its southern folklore and traditional tales to make ordinary memories into side-splitting reality.  A "must see"!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

February movies

Afternoon at the Movies (All Films Start at 2 p.m.)

2/02/2015: The Good Lie, Rated PG-13, 110 minutes: A Sudanese refugee is taken in by a straight-talking American woman in their new home in the United States.  Reese Witherspoon stars.
2/09/2015: Magic in the Moonlight, Rated PG-13, 97 minutes: Set in the 1920s, Stanley, an Englishman posing as an Asian magician, attempts to debunk fake spiritualists. He then travels to the south of France to unmask a supposed medium named Sophie, as a good-looking fake, but he ends up falling for her real-world charms instead. Colin Firth and Marcia Gay Harden star.
2/16/2015: Mr. Pip, Rated PG-13, 116 minutes: As a war rages on in the province of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, a young girl becomes transfixed by the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations, which is being read at school by the only white man in the village.  Hugh Laurie stars.
02/23/2015: Elsa and Fred, Rated PG-13, 97 minutes: "Elsa and Fred" is the story of two people who, at the end of the road, discover that it's never too late to love and make dreams come true.  Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer star.

Sunday Cinema (All Films Start at 2 p.m.)

2/01/2015: Dinosaur 13, Rated PG, Todd Douglas Miller's documentary Dinosaur 13 focuses on Peter Larson, a paleontologist whose life changes after he unearths the largest and most well-preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil ever found. He ended up having to do legal battle with other scientists, as well as with the government in order to keep control over his historic discovery.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January 2015 movies

Afternoon at the Movies (All Films Start at 2 p.m.)

1/05/2015: And So it Goes, Rated PG-13, 94 minutes: A self-absorbed realtor enlists the help of his neighbor when he's suddenly left in charge of the granddaughter he never knew existed until his estranged son drops her off at his home.  Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton star.
1/12/2015: Dolphin Tale 2, Rated PG, 107 minutes: A group of sympathetic humans help a dolphin with a damaged tail in this heartwarming sequel to the surprise 2011 hit. Inspired by actual events.  Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman star. 

1/26/2014: If I Stay,Rated PG-13, 106 minutes: On a day that started like any other, Mia (Moretz) had everything: a loving family, an adoring boyfriend, and a bright future full of music. Suddenly, a family drive on a snowy day changes everything. In an instant, almost all of that is taken from her. Caught between life and death, Mia spends one critical day contemplating a future that is now more unknowable than ever.  Chloe Moretz and Stacy Keach star.

Sunday Cinema (All Films Start at 2 p.m.)

1/04/2015: The Lunch Box, Rated PG, 94 minutes: A mistaken delivery in Mumbai's famously efficient lunchbox delivery system connects a young housewife to an older man in the dusk of his life as they build a fantasy world together through notes in the lunchbox.  In Hindi with English subtitles.